Destiny 2: Forsaken — Quick Review

So far I’ve put two-days of playtime into Destiny 2 Forsaken.

They’ve made the game grindy but it’s not the kind that “grinds on you.” Aka your brain can handle it at least that’s been my very fulfilling and fun experience.

Despite hitting the soft-cap there are still tons to do. Yes I finished the Ace of Spades exotic quest but I still have to start The Chaperone quest. And Xur will be here in 7 minutes. I love the pacing of the game and the flow of the economies. And the leveling up process. I wish master work cores were more plentiful, that’s why I’m using ugly legendary gear. To save them since they’re now used for infusion and upgrades.

Despite the plethora of content it doesn’t feel like a slog at all. Maybe that will change by my 3rd character but we’ll see. Hopefully by that point I’ll have level 600 weapons to equip and get over light-leveled fast. Random complaint: I wish XP boost timers paused during cut scenes because some of those cut scenes are hella long. But overall — amazing game during these amazing times. 5/5 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌