Quick Review of #BlackOps4 Beta (@CallofDuty)

The Spitfire is OP… I never unlocked it but it was the gun the tryhards used the most with the most success.

I liked the Acoustic Sensor gear because I am used to Destiny’s crucible style radar...if I had more time, I wanted to test out the armor perk.

My fav subclass is the one that lets you unleash the canine unit and also trip mines. The canine is always a fun and easy way to get kills.

I only really used the 1st two assault rifles, but needed to unlock more.

The actual flow of the game… the engine, the maps, and the overall feel, didn’t feel like a beta at all. Very polished. Polished to where it’s even ready for the world e-gaming stage.

I probably didn’t grind it as hard as I could because I want to wait for the retail full-release to do that. My fav modes were kill confirmed and control — as always.

That’s about it! Back to Madden 19 until the beta comes back next weekend.

I am getting an Xbox One X, and I may want to compare the graphics on the two hardwares. Stay tuned!