The Division 2 (Shabooty Review)

As an executive producer (and judge), you have to ask yourself: why does Simon Cowell surround himself with mediocre fellow judges on America’s Got Talent? The answer is to make himself look better. What the Anthem’s botched release accidentally did was make The Division 2 look better. Would I have liked Division 2 without Anthem? Yes. Do I now love and appreciate Division 2 even more because of Anthem? Hell yes.

Mar 19 · 3 min read

Granted, let’s get a few facts out the door. I’ve yet to get to the “end game,” but from I hear from others, it’s lauded.

And while Anthem was a huge bugfest to the point it felt like the buggiest game ever created in modern AAA history, Division 2 shines.

Let’s not forget though, The Division 1 was quite buggy as well, but Division 2 is packed with tons of content and only a few bugs.

Heck, some of it may not even be considered bugs. For example, I really hope by the time we have end-game gear, our turret skills will have quicker refresh timers. Such a pain.

Other things that may or may not be bugs and are just annoying are: matchmaking (calling for help) takes forever and a lot of times no one ever joins your session.

And as far as my #1 wishlist for features is, I really, really, wish we could do full-on matchmaking for individual side missions the way we can for main missions. Why not? What is in the harm of that? I have tons of uncompleted side missions, not because I don’t like that content, but because I wish I could do it in a match-made group of four — with ease.

And while I haven’t made it yet to the end game, I read on reddit that getting ammo to drop for your signature weapon was inconsistent and problematic. Let’s hope they address that.

Some other things. From The Division 1, I burned myself out on the Dark Zone, so I need more DZ like a hole in the head.

I remember one weekend I grinded my level up so I could buy a high-end gun from one of the DZ vendors. I mean like a 12-hour sweat-fest full on grind. And within a month or whatever that gun was irrelevant. Painful.

Other than that, I’m glad the DLC will be for all players, and while I’m no where near the end (50% ‘til end game?), I’m looking forward to gearing up in World Tier 5, which isn’t even out yet.

While I’ve already mostly shelved Anthem, and I only play Destiny 2 when new content arrives (which I’ve already beat the 3rd difficulty of The Reckoning), I’m going to be dumping most of my time into Division 2. Looting in the free roam world is a lot of fun. The main missions, sprinkled with DC museum settings are a blast. Matchmaking mode is its bread and butter. Looking forward to my first exotic drop and the to-dos are endless.

Rating: 3.5/4

P.S. I just have one other suggestion. In The Division 1, you would spend 1.5 hours on an “Excursion,” get to the boss, and constantly wipe and you were stuck and you felt like you had a trash group of agents with you. In those instances, please give us checkpoints. If I make it to part 4 of 5, and we keep wiping, allow me to back out and matchmake with a new group at that same instance of the Excursion. Thank you! That and match-made individual side missions.

Another bonus I love about The Division 2: the way mods work this year where you can craft and then attach that mod to every gun you own which applies to that mod, is a nice touch.


We need an Adam’s Morgan DLC where it’s only nighttime missions and you can shoot the jumbo slice pizza out of drunk people’s hands. If you’re not from DC, do a google images search for Adam’s Morgan jumbo slice pizza. It’s a must!

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