Transitioning from UMC

UnraveledMC, another all-op server is now transitioning to As a result, members will be offered benefits.

Illustration of the UMC server logo.

Because of the server’s termination, we are providing transitional benefits to these players. This includes rank upgrades, titles, and new accounts.

Master-builder benefits

We don’t have a master-builder position, but those with the rank will receive a new title if they decide to become members of our community.

The following will receive these benefits:
 • @angusyoungdcdc#1178 
 • @feueristic#7035
 • @gracec3013#0008
 • @loadingusername#7445
 • @markdragon#6552
 • @miwojedk#7933
 • @truvanillayami#9965

Administrator benefits

Moderators and administrators will be considered for the Super / Telnet Admin position by our Executive team. Moderators who are accepted will receive Super or Telnet Admin.

Here’s a list of those under consideration:
 • @leftnut#0276
 • @risquey#6839

Senior benefits

Seniors and Executives can receive the Senior Admin position upon request, but we’ll overview the administrator in question before giving them their Senior Admin position.

Here’s a list of those who qualify:
 • @cecelia#2493
 • @infamousgalaxy#0471
 • @kawaiiammii#4581
 • @nosamh#4129
 • @aggelosqq#7499

Qualified members have been listed by their Discord handle. If you feel that you qualify and have not been listed, contact us.

If you qualify and we accept you, you’ll need to read over our documentation and enable two-factor authentication for your (now-created) forum account. We also require guild membership for all administrators.

We’re very glad to make the transition easy for everybody.
If you have any questions, please let us know!

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