About Shakeel

Shakeel Hashim is a multimedia journalist with experience working for a variety of different platforms. He has a particular focus on social media, most recently working as a social video journalist at News UK, writing and editing social videos for The Sun and The Times, and both producing and hosting Facebook Lives. He was also an occasional Snapchat journalist for The Sun’s daily edition.

This website comprises a selection of his writing, particularly columns. Shakeel is an accomplished columnist, winning The Sun’s young columnist competition in 2015 and having had numerous political columns published in the paper since. He also has experience freelancing, with news reporting published in The Sun and articles on the film industry, grammar, and British politics published in The Economist.

Shakeel is a recent Philosophy, Politics and Economics graduate from Oxford University, where he focussed on modern British politics, political theory and political sociology. Whilst at university, he was editor of the university’s largest student newspaper, The Tab, and Business Manager for the historic student magazine, The ISIS. He was also a successful theatre producer and marketing manager, culminating in his production company’s sold-out run of RxJ.

Shakeel’s particular interests are the media, technology and social growth, and it is the intersection of these areas that he is most passionate about. As the media industry rapidly changes, he is particularly interested in exploring new business models in an effort to build sustainable and long-lasting media companies.

Contact Details

Email: shakeelh@me.com

Twitter: @ShakeelHashim

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