Medium Wedding - Part 5

Anthi & M - 5:00 am in Greece

Photo (CC0) from Max Pixel
Photo (CC0) from Max Pixel

Please note that Goddess Athena’s olive garden is somewhere in the photo above!

Designed using Canva
Designed using Canva

05:00 AM - Story, seating chart, music videos, photos, 1st meal
10:00 AM - Story, music videos…




Shakespeare’s Shoes will feature poetry, fiction and nonfiction, often panegyrizing the Bard as the greatest writer of all time until the end of human existence or the Universe, whichever comes first. Anthi Kanéna, Greece, trees and AI will be dominant, along with admired humans.

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Patrick M. Ohana

Patrick M. Ohana

Medical writer who reads & writes fiction & some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former.

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