M’s Murder

A Greek comedy

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash
Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

Lonelier than he has ever been, he lingers in Athens.
A small Athena statue stands silent with his assassins.

They came during the night as the Sun was shining just for her.
They hid behind the statue…



Shakespeare’s Shoes features poetry, fiction and nonfiction, often panegyrizing the Bard as the greatest writer of all time until the end of human existence or the Cosmos, whichever comes first. Anthi Kanéna, Greece, trees, pussy and AI are dominant, along with admired humans.

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Patrick M. Ohana

A medical writer who reads & writes fiction & some nonfiction, although the latter may appear at times like the former. https://patrick-m-ohana.anthi-and-m.com