We Can Make Food Better Again

Macron and Trump may not be aligned on geopolitics nor climate change, but there’s one thing they agree: having a good dinner together.

Food is not only about feed, but also love and share: and here we can all agree on the fact that France has an unparalleled culture to share.

If a good French dish is one of the few subjects which can be uniting us all, France has a very specific role and responsibility in sharing what it will become a key geopolitical and strategic topic for the future of our planet and humanity, with key issues to fix in the near future when it’s about sustainable and qualitative resources, security and traceability, environmental impact but also nutrition and wellness.

A key responsibility that France and Mr. Macron is seizing in many ways, as for example in initiating “Les Etats Généraux de l’Alimentation” in September this year.

More broadly France can build on a unique set of strengths to help make our food better tomorrow:

  • France is probably the country of the largest food diversity, where we grow the largest variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat, fish since centuries
  • Such a variety of food has shaped an incomparable culture of cooking, with hundreds of famous chefs and millions of households preparing and assembling their own food to delight parents and children every day: together they keep on consolidating centuries of good food, transmission of cooking tradition and also balanced diet
  • French food it’s also 17,000+ food companies, with a tremendous number of worldwide leaders in any food category, but also in agriculture, food service and retail
  • French R&D is not only vivid and renowned: it will change dimensions in the coming months with the erection of Paris Saclay Campus, gathering together 300 labs and 9,000 master degrees and also INRA and CNRS
  • It’s also worth noting that France is about to lead foodtech: France is the world’s second largest contributor in terms of food startup creations (following the USA), now N°1 in Europe, with a growing number of incubators and investors dedicated to supporting hundreds of new and active projects from farm to fork. If the recent opening of Station F is emblematic of a new spirit of entrepreneurship, it will also strongly contribute to accelerating the trend.

We at ShakeUpFactory are proud to be taking our part of this incredible mission to invent all together what will be the future of a better food. It’s not only about passion: we strongly believe that France has a responsibility in sharing centuries of know-how, culture, business to help shape food solutions that will not only be more sustainable and balanced but also create more value for every actor of a long value chain from farmers to retailers.

This is the reason why we planted our FoodTech Factory at Station F: it gathers together some of the most breakthrough international startups with corporations, retailers, professional organizations and investors as partners, which have understood the unique value of collaborating and growing synergies together. This is a first of its kind ecosystem and international network with partners in the US, Israël, Asia to help France take its place in the global discussion and Paris become the world’s new food laboratory.

Let’s cook the future together.

For a better food.

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