The Role of Design in Cryptocurrency Promotion

Eugene I.
Shakka Agency
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3 min readMay 6, 2019

In a way, design defines the popularity of this or that project among others, as it has a direct effect on usability. The “surface” of the web platform should be not only attractive and memorable, but also practical, comfortable and functional. So good design combines consideration of consuming logic and emotional aspects. Bad design, on the contrary, reflects only a part of user’s needs or does not meet them at all. Logically, a user, i.e. potential business client, leaves a webpage for good if his experience is not satisfactory.

The same logic works in cryptocurrency world. In order to have your coin on top of the list make it so. The more people will visit your platform, the greater chance it becomes more viral. And there is only one case when people can actually visit your platform more than once — when they like it. So don’t give up on design even if you have the best concept and technology behind.

Let’s have a look at a couple of good design works in crypto industry:


So-called Google in cryptocurrency world. Simple material-design that allows users find necessary information easily.


Waves company had re-branding, so now their style corresponds with their speed of development and drive.


Calm interface with clear order of user action on the website. Before registration you can learn cryptocurrency exchange rates. If this works for you – welcome on board!


Cool combination of colors, fonts and graphic symbols in design. Well-drawn highlights, barely noticed background texture. Everything is taken easily when moving from dark to bright info.

This article is not about “what you should do to make your coin more appealing”. We’ll talk about it later :) Here we just want to attract your attention to the role of UI/UX in crypto coin adoption and further promotion. The competition is huge, and graphic design is actually a criterion you can differentiate with.

Every product is initially considered through design lens. Companies confirm that thought-out visual presentation of the product have a positive impact on:

– Profit growth,
– Better communication with users,
– Improved image of their business.

Are you ready to give up these? Hopefully, not!

So before launching your coin, test it and let others do it as well. Get all the info on what your users expect and want and give it to them.

The help of pro designers is not a must, but will definitely give you extra scores to conquer the market. And as Thomas Watson, IBM, said: “Good design is good business”.

If you want to access your website from design perspective, send me a direct message.

Otherwise, really eager to learn your opinion on the topic:
Does design matter for successful being of a crypto coin?