And for what?

Career is a bullshit word. Yes, that’s what it is. A term coined by those who want to keep you in line. so that you don’t stray and create a jam on the ladder. The rules are already in place and you don’t have a say in any of them. You follow the order. You’re part of a rat race to prove your salt whether you like it or not. Every time you stumble upon a phase where you’re asking yourself “what the fuck am i doing with my life?” a voice will console you with the C-word. The bigger question is, what’s the point of a struggle where a major part of your life turned miserable? You didn’t sleep well and were always under stress. You thrived on junk food and sugarcoated water, neglecting the purer joys of life. And for what? Financial security so that you could practice the greatest religion of all time: Consumerism? By the time we find the answers, we’ll be dealing with two C-words.

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