Case study: Biswa

We’ve effectively penetrated March and if there’s one thing that i miss about 2015, it has to be Biswa Kalyan Rath’s YouTube videos. He used to post one every mid-week last year. Not anymore. I guess he has moved on to greater things in life, especially when we all know that humour is the greatest thing ever. Anyway, there is a fledging rise of stand-up comedians in our country. Particularly those who can hold their forte in English. Yes, yes, those dropping in a few BCs and MCs and end up getting the maximum laughs for the same. Do gaali, chaar taali indeed. And that’s exactly what sets Biswa apart. He doesn’t have to depend on any formulae. His flow of comedy is unpredictable. The topics he picks and words he use are in tune with the aam janta. The most admirable bit about him is his personality on stage. He is not at all trying to be cool. The air of superiority is blatantly missing. Which is why his regular posture — standing straight with shoulders slightly pushed back and one palm usually touching his chest — doesn’t threaten the audience. On the other hand, his mannerism engages you. His mundane observations about pomegranate and banana and Oriya and extroverts make you want to hi-five him instead of his face. Which isn’t the case with most stand-up comics who automatically assume that they are smarter than the crowd. I’m pretty sure Biswa’s masterpiece is yet to come and maybe that’s why he isn’t posting anything.

PS. In related news, i’m waiting broooooooooo….

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