Chhoti soch, bada Rajan

The problem with inspirational people like Raghuram Rajan prematurely quitting their position is there aren’t many of his likes in our country. It’s not everyday you come across public servants that are universally acknowledged as the finest in their respective field. Which is sad because these personalities are known for their work ethics and they mean good. What’s sadder is Indian politics somehow always wins against diligence and gumption. One can argue that commoners like myself don’t have the depth to understand economics and there are better people up for the job. I hope that is the case. We all know how the last government wasted a decade. We all can see how the chief minister in the capital went from an admirable IRS to an excuse-mongering mockery. We can also see how this government is goofing up big time with its senseless appointments and dismissals. It’s not a joke for a central banker to be disrupted the way Rajan was. After all, India is going to pay the price at the end for these mistakes, if any.

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