Love is the question. What’s your answer?

When we close our eyes, we see what is hidden within us. When we open our eyes, we see what we want to. Either way, given a choice to fly away, where would you return?

Indifference is in the air. Hatred is in the breath. Amid these two factors, we are somehow calling ourselves alive. Those who are blind are lucky enough to avoid such a miserable sight. Even a gentle touch of affection effortlessly makes way for affectation. No one prefers to wade beyond their comfortable fences. Compassion eludes us lest we trespass invisible borders. A body might be decomposing next door but we won’t know for sure. Privacy, please.

It’s crazy.

The saddest part about this problem is it’s not really a problem. Nothing changes and yet, everything changes, regardless of how we behave with each other. In any case, it’s a problem to those who care. For the rest, that’s how the way it is. Also, deal with it. Being advanced has it downsides. No surprises there. We can’t have everything. Nope, not even us. The most modern, the most intelligent — if you ask the elephants, they won’t agree; we labeled ourselves intelligent, not them — the most powerful, the most resourceful, blah blah… and yet, we can’t have everything.

Such a tragedy, won’t you agree?

Despite being at the very apex of all pyramids, we are angry and frustrated. We don’t have the time to stand and stare. Excuse us, we’d rather take a selfie instead of looking outward. The shallowness of our perception reflects on the depth of our existence too. Locating the source of our mistrust of others as well as ourselves could go a long way in overcoming several imaginary hurdles. Given the amount of anger we’ve trapped within us—owing to the cruel pressures of the world we bother to entertain — there’s no denying that we are to blame ourselves as much as we blame everyone from the newspaper boy to our parents for our despair.

Fortunately, there is a cure. Unfortunately, it could bare us for who we are. Being obsessed with oneself is a pretty natural progression. Admiring yourself in the mirror, despite telling everyone that you’re ugly, is how we cope. It’s an in-built mechanism. But that’s also where the answers are hidden. Or should we say, the answer is hidden. Yes, love. A word that can turn into a question too, if required.

Step back a bit. Why do you love yourself so much? No matter how much you fuck up, you keep forgiving yourself whereas you’d be amiss if you gave others one tiny-weeny chance? Why? What makes you gift yourself so many benefits of doubt? Again, the word is love. You are madly in love with yourself. It’s basically spilling out of you… for yourself. There’s nothing left for others. No big deal though. Almost everyone worth paying attention to recommended us a healthy dosage. Just that we’d rather take the easy way out or the safer way in. Loving everyone or caring for others takes a lot of effort. On the contrary, hating everyone or being indifferent unconditionally sounds like a better deal. Anytime.

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