Many questions, few answers

How many of them are alive right now?

We are supposed to encourage our kids to ask questions; go with ‘why’ instead of ‘how’. Quite a mature manner of greeting the future. Besides, apropos the disaster that human history is and the dismal state of the present, asking a few questions won’t harm. We often hear that everybody deserves to know the truth but is that so? If yes, why? If not, how? The loop of Q&A is inescapable within the ambit of reasoning. Irrespective of where a person hails from, by the end of the day, they are facing more questions than answers.

Why do we die? Who decides the time of our departure? What is the purpose of our breathing anyway? Aren’t we running in a circle presuming to cut the corner? Where did all our thoughts come from? Where did they go after they were done with us? What is an idea? Who takes the credit for it? You or something else unexplained in a rational world? Why are we so ignorant? Which way is enlightenment? Who was the first person to be enlightened? Does the nature understand yet that we are against it? When is hope turning extinct? How much is too nice? How much is too cruel? Why are the trees failing to kiss the face of the sky? Why are we letting the skyscrapers have that joy? Are we ever reaching the point of no return? Or are we already there? How will the world appear when we are out of oil? How will our society appear when we are out of hope? Would the robots feel pity for us when they take over us? Has our intelligence driven us mad? Who is responsible for our mess other than us? Will our feelings marinate in us forever? What is the cure for arrogance? Why does our hearts cry in sync? Who gets to decide the right from the wrong and vice versa? Can the birds tell us their secrets? Would the animals stop talking among themselves? Do plants cry for help when we chop them in to tiny pieces? Where do the winds originate? Who controls the breeze? Why can’t we predict earthquake as efficiently as we can record their intensity? Are we doomed because of our deeds? When shall we smile at our enemies? Have you ever seen yourself for who you are? Why are humans unlike flowers? Aren’t our racial epithets a slap on our ancestors’ face? Which direction is your anger coming from? Why do you drink? What’s so great about abstemiousness? What kind of a scent do we leave behind? Should the deepest of oceans remain a mystery to us? What scares you the most? What do you scare the most? May i partake in your misery? When are we controlling our dreams with our eyes tight shut? When are we conquering our nightmares with our eyes wide open? Will we ever learn to live? Or at least learn to leave on time?

These and many more such question befuddle us from time to time. We may not know the answers but the bigger doubt beckons us: What if we don’t know the answers solely because we don’t know what we’ll do if we knew them all?