Giving up your seat in a public transport for someone who needs it more doesn’t make you a great human being. It merely makes you human. Moreover, the reason why we keep forgetting this clear distinction is people seldom relieve their butt for others. What’s more interesting is when a person is offered seat and the recipient doesn’t even acknowledge the gesture. For instance, i came across an episode recently. On receiving a seat emptied by a young man, an elderly gentleman thanked his son — who wasn’t even travelling with him — instead of the guy who relinquished his position for him. The old man while making his comfortable said, “You did this for me because i’m sure my son too does this for oldies like me.” Subtle and touching at the same time but the nothing could match the priceless expression on the young Samaritan’s face. Anyway, he now has a story to share now. Like i do.