Oxygen hit mein jaari

As far as creatives are concerned, a copywriter is nothing without his designer. And vice versa. This is something i realized first during my stint at mid-day but only grasped fully later at Zomato. Here, i bounce a lot of ideas with the graphic designers in place and the process itself is very nourishing. You come up with ABC idea and you discuss with the designer and by the end of the conversation, the idea has faithfully converted to MNO. The flow of conversation plays a key role in execution. If something isn’t conveyed properly, then XYZ is going to happen, which you may or may not like. However, there are instances when an idea germinates so randomly that its execution is weirdly in sync with the original thought. For instance, the creative attached (above) was something i conveyed to Vivek in less than two minutes and he made it in the next 10.

Sometimes, the simplicity of an idea takes your breath away, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s the oxygen. Or maybe i’m getting carried away by immodesty!

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