Pearls from friends

A dear old friend of mine (who’s not in touch anymore as is the case with most of my dear old friends) once told me how negativity is trapped inside the cobwebs in our house. He was basically suggesting that we should clean the corners of our home as religiously as we clean our armpits.

A dear friend of mine (who’s in touch with me but only twice a year i guess) once told me the reason why we feel peaceful as soon as we enter a religious place. According to him, the fact that people visit it with open heart and no malice whatsoever forcing the energy to stay nothing but positive.

A new dear friend of mine (i can only hope we are in touch forever) told me recently that negativity thoughts have a very bad habit of getting absorbed easily. Apparently, even the furniture take them in. The whole point being cynicism spreads easily because it makes itself home everywhere.

Pay attention to what they were trying to tell me because i clearly wasn’t.

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