R for Right, L for Look

A few months after Donald Trump announced his candidature in 2015, Evan Puschak released a video pinpointing why the obnoxious businessman was a gift to democracy. Simply put, we need people like Trump to not only remind us how weak democracy can get but also to help us strengthen the core of democratic values. There’s no denying that the current POTUS is a divisive person. To add injury to insult, he doesn’t even pretend to be a unifying factor. He thinks he’s above those who think he should behave in a certain manner. Generally speaking, he doesn’t give a damn. It’s been a little over two weeks and the man is already the most unpopular guy from White House in modern (read: disapproval ratings) era. All that mentioned, if there is one area he truly deserves credit for is his exposure of the double standards practised by the so-called liberals. In his wake, it has been proved again and again how the pseudo-libs don’t really care for all the values they apparently stand for, be it freedom of expression, adherence to truth or condemnation of non-violence. All of a sudden, it’s not OK to let the other person speak just because you know you are in disagreement with his views. All of a sudden, it’s fine to twist recorded facts and spread misinformation just because you can’t the handle the proverbial truth. All of a sudden, it’s perfectly alright to kindle fear and chaos as long as it serves a political agenda. Thanks to pseudo-libs and their wannabe-political correctness movement, the language of denial took hold in the West not very long ago. There was a set template in their response to a given situation.

  1. If you don’t have a solution to a problem at hand, you’ll sit on both your hands looking away as if the problem doesn’t exist.
  2. If you can’t answer the tough questions posed by somebody you dislike, you’ll diagnose the questioner with random phobias.
  3. If you don’t know what’s going on in the present, you’ll find comfort in your nostalgic past while claiming intellectual superiority.

This circus went on with such intense dedication that there was no time left to introspect. Some well-known members of the mainstream media were (and some continue to be) in the cast. Lo and behold, we witness a drastic shift towards dreaded conservatism in countries we thought were paragons of modernity. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not too late yet. For all his evil designs, Trump might inadvertently open the eyes of a part of the society whose arrogance wouldn’t let it look beyond itself. Or its reductive views.

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