This picture, although of poor visual quality, is so poetic that Rumi would have penned something immortal about it too. Alas!

Everything the celebrated poet should have said but somehow didn’t.

“Internet sucks.”
“Why am I roofless?”
“Shut up and read.”
“I’m drunk but I am NOT going home.”
“I wanted to but I didn’t say this.”
“Stop putting mouths into my words!”
“Who are you? How do you unknow me?”
“Everyday is a fucking struggle… even after you die.”
“I hope Leonardo DiCaprio portrays me in a biopic someday.”
“I’m neither an Afghan nor a Farsi or a Turk. I belong to the Internet. Long live WiFI!”
“You’re more than just a screenshot.”
“Gareeb hona paap hai.”
“Find a balance or fuck off.”
“Make sure you switch off the buttons before leaving home.”
“I repeat. I never said this.”
“Monday sucks.”
“Kuch bhi.”

In conclusion, i must say that more than half of the world problems would be solved automatically if everyone read Rumi, watched Fight Club and listened to Eminem.

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