Tabula humourasa

My niece laughs like she knows what’s going on. Wait. What if she does for real?

Are there jokes you can run in your head and chuckle to yourself? I do. The problem is only i find them funny. There are many ways to be alone but nothing matches the loneliness of being able to laugh at/about something — all alone. But then, there are no fixed parameters on humour. What you may find funny, i may not, and vice versa. Furthermore, this condition leads to a new normal where people would rather appreciate sadness more over happiness. If you ask somebody to list three of their lowest moments in life, they’ll come up with an answer in no time. If you ask the same people to list three of their funniest moments in life, they will struggle to buzzfeed their memory. That’s the curse of laughter. You forget it as soon as possible while you hold on to the tears, long after they’ve dried and joined the water cycle.

Speaking of the old jokes that make me throw my head back, shut my eyes tight and flash my teeth like a chimp, my favourite has to be the one involving the pope. Yes, that man in white robes and a funny hat.

So, it goes like this: Once the pope was on a solo trip to New York City and got himself a limousine. Stuck in the weekend traffic, the old fella was getting bored sitting back. A crazy idea popped (poped?) to him and he decided to drive for a change. He made the chauffeur sit in the back instead. How can he say no to the head of HRC? Behind the wheels after a long interval, pope had no idea what he was doing. He could barely drive, let alone understand the signals. What’s worse than drunk driving? Berserk driving? It was a relief to know that he didn’t kill anyone. Finally, after a long chase drama, a cop managed to overpower the limo. When the uniformed guy got the window to roll down, he was awestruck. He immediately buzzed his superior. His superior asked him about the owner of the limo. The gobsmacked cop could only reply, “I don’t know but pope is his driver.”

So sorry if you didn’t find this funny. Or maybe it sounds funnier in Tulu.

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