Future Fitness: Latest Technology Trends in Fitness Apps

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9 min readOct 22, 2019

By Kate Shokurova, copywriter at Shakuro

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The fitness industry is experiencing a steady pattern of growth, whether it’s health clubs or fitness app development companies. Startups are mushrooming up on the intersection of fitness and technology, also known as wellness. Are you planning to create a fitness app? Let’s go through both the essentials and latest technology trends to help you get fitness app development straight.

Fitness app development advantages

In the publication by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) on the subject of 2019 fitness trends fitness apps were up at number 13. Brick-and-mortar gyms are having an increasingly harder time to compete against in-app fitness. Technology is transforming the way industry works.

According to Sensortower, revenue from the top 10 health and fitness apps increased by 61% last year to $327 million worldwide. And the number of fitness app users is expected to surpass the figure of 353 million by 2022.

Health and fitness apps also show the highest retention rates across all categories. 96% of users are using only one health and fitness app. This indicates that they are dedicated to their fitness apps once they start using them.

Fitness app development challenges

One of the most important tasks of fitness app developers is protecting the user’s data from being leaked. Pay close attention to the subject of data security.

Another challenge is delivering exceptional user experience for the apps to be fast and easy to use. If you’re not well-experienced in this business, you might find yourself in need of help from the team of UI/UX designers during this stage of fitness application development.

One other obstacle that can curb entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm is the sheer number of such apps on the market — there are thousands. So a great way to find your unique advantage is to be on the edge of innovation and follow what’s trending at the moment.

Fitness industry trends reflect global trends in society. Technologies are seamlessly integrated into our lives. They are finding their place in people’s fitness and…

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