Moses Kim
Moses Kim
Feb 9, 2017 · 4 min read

by Shakuro Team

In the world of digital design, virtual product presentation becomes a pinnacle of creation process. Demonstrating your design in an isolated environment might be useful in case of a specific artistic case study, but when it comes to the production design or web design, it is extremely important to create an experience by simulating the environment.

In other words, when designing a mobile application you constantly refer to the devices it will ultimately be displayed on. Same applies to the presentation. Everything has to be on point including the medium that your design will be delivered by.

Ways to go:

  • Use Wireframes? Those are just basic flat schemes of devices, really helpful at early stages of designing, but do you really want to present your work on something that looks like a kids coloring book? We recommend the usage of wireframes while working on wireframes of an app itself.
  • Try Mockup Dummy? This is a cartoonish mockup that can be an option in some cases of flat material design application screens, or as a wireframing tool, but you can’t expect this type of visual presentation to work in a realistic environment.
  • Adopt Photorealistic Mockups! This is the most complicated type of mockup to make technologically and the easiest one to digest visually. Photorealistic mockups are the best option when it comes to a polished presentation of your design, giving it the real-life reference.

This is a free iPhone 7 mockup available for download at

As a web & mobile applications design agency, we use mockups on a daily basis. It would’ve been merely impossible to emulate user experience and demonstrate it using isolated screens only. Our choice source of iPhone and Apple Watch mockups is 360Mockups. Not only are they our good friends, but the content they produce is amazing.

Soon they are releasing their biggest iPhone 7 Mockup Bundle ever.

Application development is always moving towards the latest models on the market as their go-to display to stay relevant. As we wrote before, iPhone 7 is a milestone to design and develop for, it requires a special approach and this is what 360Mockups bring to the table. The bundle includes 340 high definition 2048×2048 PSD mockups, all including real-glass effect to achieve photographic qualities, transparent backgrounds to ensure unlimited environment options, and two major graphic editor software compatibility.

We spoke to Kirill and Eugene, the guys behind 360Mockups and they broke things down for us.

Our main goal early on was to develop a product that not only would look good on the outside, but could be the staple in device modeling visualization. We believe in our mission of providing the best mockups as well as the best experience.

Our users actually participate in the 360-degree creation of their mockups first hand! We offer them complete freedom in angle selection while being equally responsible for the top quality of every single one of them. You get sort of included into the technological process without having to get into the calculations and so on.

We start off with extensive studies of the actual devices. Every angle, every technical detail, and feature are included into the mockup. On top of that we use official Apple Guidelines to make sure we stay in the lane. The synchronization process of the physical device feel and technical aspects is the key of 360Mockups method. Setting the stage for the perfect camera angle and lighting is the most time-consuming and rewarding phase that we pride ourselves on.

Ultimately, we want to be known as the supply of professional design tools helpful in creating the best presentation possible.

What we noticed about 360Mockups right away was the consistency behind it. The power of their technology lies in the ability to use the same mockup over multiple iterations while creating a consistent yet diverse presentation. With every release they cover all available finishes of the model which emulates the actual possession of any device at any time. Exactly what you require from a mockup source, right?

360Mockups took it to the next level with their open feedback-oriented policy. They claim to read every comment and email that goes their way. And there is a major proof for this policy. The initial package included PSD files only, but a lot of users asked for the Sketch format, so now it includes both. What also illustrates their user-oriented approach is packs of free stuff (“freebies” as they call them) they give out. Drop by their website every once in awhile to see what’s available.

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Shakuro Writes

Behind every word, pixel, and line of code, there are people. This is for people.