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Letter sent on Jan 29, 2016

Out with the old and in with snow (January)


After moving to San Francisco and 4 years of hoping for fresh snow, we’re finally enjoying perfect, deep, Lake Tahoe powder courtesy of “El Nino.”

cabin love

Chase has gotten better at car rides, and the dogs finally got to enjoy snow! We’ve had the privilege of spending time with many great friends and and explored North & South Lake Tahoe, Donner, Northstar, Squaw, Kirkwood, and Heavenly (coming soon). *Fingers crossed for a beautiful view of the lake & light, powdery snow.

When not in Tahoe, we’ve been hiking & taking advantage of The Bay. On the way to Monterey Bay Aquarium, we spent an enjoyable morning with Jeromy (Sha’s former boss & mentor) sharing coffee & stories.

one and one

From all the road tripping, our packs have become efficient and organized. We can throw them together quickly & pack the car in no time. It’s very satisfying, like crossing items off of lists. Maybe it’s the feeling of freedom this entails, and knowing we can be up and out in a moment’s notice that brings so much satisfaction. Maybe it’s that our home and thoughts are also becoming more organized & ready to go. Things are beginning to have their place.

Speaking of home, we’ve gotten rid of many an item. In no particular order: bookshelves, rugs, clothes, bedsheets, shower curtains, and towels have all be donated or thrown away.

“Getting rid of B to bring in A.”

It’s been a slog at times, but it’s all worth it when you suddenly feel progress. Our method has been scattershot but consisted of: removing unused items, fixing eye sores, and taking time to create new spaces. Happily, we’re doing less and less cleaning, and more creating.

Other than road trips & organization, Andrew’s been focused on growing his new mobile + design consulting firm (Lumination Collective) & searching for a job. As with the house, early invested efforts are slowly bearing fruit. Two clients with previously uncertain futures now seem to be in the final stages of inking deals.

2016 aimed to be the year of “no filler” and the progress is slowly, teasingly becoming evident. Across our life, our home, and work we’ve been removing filler to make room for new habits, patterns, people, and jobs we love. We’re looking forward to February.

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