The trip snuck upon us like cheerful dogs in the morning. A warm snout & cold nose reminding us that we’re supposed to wake up and have fun.

Boarding the 6am Delta red-eye, the usual thoughts flashed and faded, “I’m too old for this.” With minimal delays, we arrived at the cabin before friends had even departed for their second day of skiing. Perfect timing.

The mountain was a layer cake of snow conditions. Thin & powdery at the top, sticky and wet in the middle, and all finished with an icy bottom.

After a 10 minute, gasping, 300 yard hike to the top.

Day complete, it was beer and story time. We were regaled with the story of a mythical 28 oz. prime rib. Legend has it, the rib is so large, that the last time it was ordered, it could not be finished, and had to be taken home. Once home, the prime rib had a strange effect and was consumed in a bathroom in the wee hours of the morning. The next day, only the bone and a curious residue over the bathroom walls remained.

And so, we went of course…

Doggie bags not included in photo.

That night, revelry and feats of liquid strength ensued. Reputations were forged, nicknames inked, and #potato was strong.

People Over Thirty Acting Twenty One
Happy birthday to … Where’s Luis?
The slappy happy Slapper and the many games of slap cup…
The most intellectual and painful game of King’s cup with every sentence starting with a vowel AND consonant…thank, Poet.
Huge props to snorkel and Return of the Mac for the memorable mac & cheese creation
Snorkel’s impressive instigating skills that resulted in a mass snorkel expedition of pain
Self Slapper’s quick reflexes of slapping….her own cup
You guys scare me’s late night encounter with the horde of drunk potatoes
Kombucha is one of the only people I know that can get giddy off ginger beer

In the days following, we each settled into our natural travel rhythms. Coming and going as we pleased, stories were told, mountains explored, food & drink shared, and new stories spun.

Iced, fresh, chocolate.
casual hiking
“top of the world Ma”

Alas, the journey had to end. Until next time!