Have we given the thoughts and prayers enough time to work?

I know it has been a couple of weeks, but maybe we should slow down. Suddenly politicizing this latest tragedy for the benefit of changing a man made law or two might actually hurt the chances of all of those well intentioned thoughts and prayers our Congress sent up to the heavens. I’m not going to claim to be an expert in all things God related, but who can say how long it takes thoughts and prayers to reach him? It could be days, weeks, even months! If we jump into a long battle over regulations and laws in some vain attempt at preventing a tragedy like this again, it could negate the thoughts and prayers from having their intended effect. Which I can only assume is God himself showing up and preventing the next tragedy.

If God receives these thoughts and prayers and then sees that we’re already trying to solve it, he may decide it’s not worth the effort to come in and help. I don’t know if laws and regulations will work, no one does. I do know that God alone can change hearts and minds, and he may look into whatever divining pool he uses to see the future, see a tragedy coming snap into action and prevent it. For instance, let’s say there’s a white guy, mad at the world for laying all the blame for all this rape and mass murder at the feet of white men. This guy might get so mad that he goes and buys some guns at the local gun shop. Then maybe he heads on over to the local gun show and buys a few more. Then after ordering a few more guns online and all of the ammo, body armor and leftover police/military gear that he needs to pull off whatever horrible plan he has, this angry man proceeds to do it. Is a law going to somehow prevent all of that? It seems unlikely. Let’s say God finally hears all those thoughts and prayers sent in by each and every God fearing politician. God could easily stop that man and change his heart and mind before he even makes that first purchase! Then, not only will the tragedy not happen, but one more man will understand that it’s not all white men, just some. It’s really a win/win. Yet here we are trying to yell at each other over what needs to change here on earth, when we haven’t even waited to see if the action we’ve already taken has had a chance to work.

Every time a tragedy happens we jump to yelling at each other on social networks and debating whether we could have prevented it with either more guns or less. We do this every single time and yet our Congress keeps trying to send their thoughts and prayers, in hopes that it will prevent this next terrible tragedy. All those posts and tweets swirling around in the air getting mixed up with the thoughts and prayers, how is God ever supposed to decipher that? What if this time, with all of the other things going on, we just wait out this whole gun business and see if the thoughts and prayers make it through the atmosphere and off to the heavens. What if instead of rushing to find studies about how reductions in guns often result in reductions of crimes, we do a study or two on the speed of thoughts and prayers and calculate the distance to heaven. Maybe then we will know how long to wait before we run off to create some human made law.

Again, I’m no expert. I couldn’t tell you how God intends to use those thoughts and prayers. Maybe he uses them to power up like Superman uses the sun. Maybe he writes them all down and waits until he receives a certain number to intervene. Maybe he aggregates all of those #ThoughtsAndPrayers on Twitter and Facebook to see how much he’s actually needed. There’s literally no way to know. I just know they have to do something, why else would our Government always respond with their thoughts and prayers, and nothing else?

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