SugarCRM 7 — Enable Importing on Custom Modules

Shane Dowling
Sep 11, 2014 · 1 min read
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I’ve been wracking my brain trying to get this guide to work with SugarCRM 7. Add to the fact that it “looks” like this is also how it’s done in SugarCRM 7, if you peruse the code under Accounts or Contacts. However it isn’t. This is how I’ve added importing support to custom modules.

Set Module as Importable

Under modules/<ModuleName>/<ModuleName>_sugar.php set

public $importable = true;

Add Menu Item

Under modules/<MODULES>/clients/base/menus/header/header.php you
should have something like

$moduleName = ‘’;
$viewdefs[$moduleName][‘base’][‘menu’][‘header’] = array(
‘route’ => “#$moduleName/create”,
‘label’ => ‘LNK_NEW_RECORD’,
‘acl_action’ => ‘create’,
‘acl_module’ => $moduleName,
‘icon’ => ‘icon-plus’,
‘route’ => “#$moduleName”,
‘label’ => ‘LNK_LIST’,
‘acl_action’ => ‘list’,
‘acl_module’ => $moduleName,
‘icon’ => ‘icon-reorder’,

If not create the file with that array. Next add the import action to
the array.

‘route’ => ‘#bwc/index.php?’ . http_build_query(
‘module’ => ‘Import’,
‘action’ => ‘Step1’,
‘import_module’ => $moduleName,
‘label’ =>’LBL_IMPORT’,
‘icon’ => ‘icon-upload’,

Add language setting

Under /modules/<MODULES>/language/en_us.lang.php add into the
$mod\_strings array(if it’s not already there):

‘LBL_IMPORT’ => ‘Import ‘,


The inevitable quick repair/rebuild.

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