14/31: Shanghai’s old city

One of the main building of Shanghai’s old city

China is known for being one of the oldest countries in the world. It has been around since thousands of years and it’s part of the universal history as it’s the most important region in east Asia.

Shanghai is the biggest city in China, with 23 million people living in the city and an estimated of 34 million in the metropolitan area. It’s the second biggest metropolitan area of the word (Tokyo is the biggest one). It was founded as a small agricultural village around the 4th or 7th century. Shanghai experienced a big growth during the Qing Dynasty (18–20 centuries) and since then it has been the economic center of China.

Walking in the streets of Shanghai is walking in a city where millions of people have lived, it’s living in one of the most ancient cities in the world.

Small shops can be found around the Old City

The called old city was built in 1554 by the Ming Dynasty. It prevails today as one of the oldest living parts of the city, where tourists and locals can go and enjoy a taste of the old Shanghai.

In a rumbling modern city, Old Town founded a place where history prevails. If you walk to the narrow streets you can see small shops offering traditional Chinese jewelry, food and clothes.

Some of the old gates were preserved after the demolishment of the Old City walls in 1912, and today you can still walk through them to enter the area.

Some of the old gates are still present in the Old City

It’s a place that no person who lives in Shanghai can miss. It’s not for touristic reasons, but it’s the heart of the city, the old Shanghai that became what it’s today, the financial center of the entire country.

The Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in China, can be seen from the Old City

What was once the center of the city, is now the main touristic area of Shanghai. Most of the traditional Chinese celebrations are held here, like Chinese New Year, when Shanghai Government builds different light attractions for people to watch in the Old City.

Decoration for Rooster Year (2017)

As you can imagine it quickly became one of my favorite parts of the city. Every time someone comes to visit me or my friends this is the first place where we take them, it’s the best way to show them not only the old Shanghai but to give them a little taste of the traditional China that’s still alive in the biggest city of the country.

Families enjoy Old City every day

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