So, what do you do here?

The most common question among foreigners living in Shanghai. What do you do here?

Living in Shanghai is one of the experiences that just a few have, but at the end is one of the most satisfying decisions that you can make in your life. While there is a middle point, most of the people I’ve met love or hate Shanghai, some are counting the days to get out of here, while others do whatever is possible to stay here as long as they can.

What do I do here? I’m living. I’m an iOS Developer for ReignDesign. I arrived nine months ago. I’m still living my honey moon period and I still love and see the amazing things Shanghai has to offer.

How long do I plan to stay here? My original idea was one year, now I don’t know. Thinking long term is crazy, but staying for less than two or three years seems crazier. I plan to stay as long as I can handle the city and the city can handle me.

Do I speak Chinese? No, nothing. After nine months I’ve learned the numbers, some basic survival stuff and some random words. Other than that, I’ve developed a great skill to communicate what I want using only sounds and my hands.

What is it like to live in China? I can’t describe it, really. Even if I try it would not be enough to describe the different things you see and experience in China. Let’s just say that living here is unexpected and full of contrasts.

Where do I live? In a share apartment with other two people in the Jing’an district, one of the most popular districts among foreigners.

Living in China is a great experience, so follow me in this new adventure just following the Shanghai Living publication. I would try to keep this updated with new things to show you.

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