12-year-old girl jumps from 15th floor after not finishing her homework over winter break

Fortunately, she landed on an air cushion, surviving the fall with only an injury to her ear

In yet another sign that China’s education system and parents may just be placing too much pressure on kids, a primary school girl attempted to end her life last week, jumping from the 15th floor of her building.

Footage from the scene shows the 12-year-old girl sitting on the window ledge on the top story of a residential building in Fuzhou, Jiangxi province, with her legs dangling down, preparing to jump.

Another clip shows her plummeting to the ground.

Fortunately, the 6th-grader landed on a large air cushion placed on the ground by rescuers. She survived the 15-story fall with only a minor injury to her ear.

Afterward, the girl’s mother said that her daughter had tried to commit suicide due to stress at school. A new semester was starting the following day and she had not finished all of the homework she was supposed to complete over winter break.

[Images via Sohu Video]