80 foreign students are working as replacement couriers this Spring Festival in Shanghai

With regular deliverymen traveling back to their hometowns for Chinese New Year, laowai have been called in to help

Once again, foreign students have been afforded the chance by the Spring Festival holiday to live out their dream as unpaid Chinese couriers.

Through an agreement with local universities, online shopping giant Suning has managed to recruit 80 international students this year to help the company out while its regular deliverymen are away visiting family in their hometowns.

We first saw Suning experiment with this scheme two years ago in Nanjing, managing to attract four ambitious laowai.

This time, the company appears to have gone all-out, with dozens of foreign students who are required to deliver their New Year’s greetings in the Shanghai dialect when handing over packages to customers. In addition, the students-turned-couriers are also required to be familiar with the basics about the Spring Festival.

Here’s some photos from the first day on the job for a pair of brothers from Zambia:

Of course, if being a courier doesn’t appeal to you, not to worry, the Spring Festival affords foreigners many different career opportunities — like working as a Chinese high-speed train attendant.

[Images via ChinaNews]