African man bullying beggar in Guangzhou gets the crap kicked out of him by vigilante

He’s going to be feeling that one tomorrow

A shocking video has gone viral recently on Chinese social media showing an African man receiving some swift retribution for apparently bullying a beggar on the street in Guangzhou.

In the video, the African man is seen berating the beggar, kicking him and slapping him on the head until one Chinese man in a crowd of onlookers decides to do something about it.

The vigilante rushes out and kicks the African man in the chest — hard — sending him slamming into the wall behind him and crumpling down onto the ground.

Watch below:

Watch on QQ video.

The circumstances of the video are entirely unclear, however, netizens have wasted no time in praising the kicker for delivering some swift “justice” upon the African man on behalf of the Chinese nation, while Weibo threads have inevitably filled up with racist and vitriolic comments about Africans.

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