Airport worker turned viral heartthrob fined for being ‘too handsome’

His casual hotness ended up getting him in trouble with his bosses, who deducted 10% of his salary

An airport worker in Xiamen has recently discovered that there is a price to being ridiculously good-looking.

While walking on the airport tarmac, the hottie technician happened to catch the eye of one passenger who filmed him from a plane window. That video quickly went viral on Chinese social media with the man’s looks and style earning him comparisons to Song Joong Ki, a South Korean heartthrob who starred in the ultra-popular soap opera “Descendants of the Sun.”

However, the technician’s employers were apparently less impressed with the man’s appearance, deducting 10% of his monthly salary for his breaking of the company’s code of conduct, citing his untidy, untucked uniform and how he had walked around with his hand in his pocket.

Watch on QQ video.

The company argued that since the video had been so widely-shared, with more than 1 million views, the harsh penalty was warranted.

While some netizens wrote that the technician’s bosses were probably all just jealous of how good their employee looked in his uniform, the worker himself has responded to the news by taking responsibility for his own unkemptness.

“Honestly, I still feel quite happy because it is not easy to become so famous that quickly. My company did nothing wrong, it was my fault for not keeping with the correct standards in terms of dress code and behavior,” he was quoted as writing online by CGTN.

“ Please don’t bombard the passenger who uploaded the video online. I never blamed her, because she didn’t mean to cause me any harm.”

Meanwhile, on Weibo, the 25-year-old worker was has managed to pick up more than 40,000 followers, posting a few pictures of himself to welcome his new fans.

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