Bikini babes, shirtless hunks serve customers food at Anhui hot pot restaurant

The restaurant has claimed that it was just a one-time thing

A hot pot restaurant in the Anhui capital of Hefei was made even more sizzling recently with the introduction of bikini-wearing waitresses and shirtless waiters.

On Wednesday, footage from the restaurant showing the scantily-clad service staff dishing out food to customers hit Chinese social media, making a bit of a splash.

The following day, a staff member told that these “waitresses” and “waiters,” were not actually regular workers at the restaurant, but “performers,” hired as a special treat for regular customers. The worker added that this one-off activity was now over.

Watch on QQ video.

Of course, this restaurant is far from the first to have tried something like this. Over the years, shameless eateries around China have hired topless male and female models to serve customers food and bikini babes to help diners peel their shrimp.

Most recently, a Taiwanese snack vendor hired a busty babe in ultra-short shorts to take over the management of his stall for one night, thus managing to quadruple his business.

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