China’s highest glass bridge completed, will be open for Spring Festival rush

This newest transparent marvel is built on a mountain, nearly 2,000 meters above sea level

China’s glorious golden age of glass-bottomed bridge building continues with the completion of the country’s highest — by altitude — bridge of glass yet.

Built 1,980 meters above sea level on top of Batai Mountain, this newest transparent marvel links Chongqing municipality with Sichuan province. It’s 198 meters long and hangs 186 meters above the ground — roughly the height of a 66-story building.

The bridge cost 10 million yuan to build and is expected to be ready for trial operations before the start of Spring Festival — when hundred of millions of people will be moving around the country, looking for something to do.

However, with so many glass-bottomed bridges to choose from in China, it’s becoming more and more important that new bridges offer visitors a little something extra. Last December, a glass bridge opened in Hebei that not only boasted of being China’s longest, but also was designed to swing and sway as you walked across.

Meanwhile, other bridges have decided to go the direction of trying to give visitors heart attacks.

[Images via ImagineChina]