The bride’s side didn’t ask for a penny in betrothal gifts
Mar 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Male Chinese netizens are once again having trouble hiding their jealousy after a cross-cultural romance recently culminated in the marriage of a guy from Shanxi province and a beautiful woman from Ukraine.

Working in Beijing as a translator, “Inesa” first met He Pingwei in January 2016. According to report from Chinese news portal NetEase, she said that she was instantly attracted to his kind heart. Meanwhile, He was immediately taken by Inesa’s cheerful personality.

The two soon fell in love and began traveling around together. Last October, they took the big step and received their marriage certificates.

Their official wedding took place on Friday in the groom’s hometown in Yangcheng county. Attended by Inesa’s family and friends, the event was apparently the talk of the town.

NetEase also takes the time to note that the bride’s side didn’t ask for a single penny in betrothal gifts — a cultural difference which may have saved the groom’s family a bundle of cash.

Because of the vast gender gap in China, the average price of a bride has shot up in recent years, particularly in rural areas, to as much as 200,000 yuan in some provinces, and that’s not even including typical marriage prerequisites like buying an apartment and a car.

“Ukrainian brides are the world’s best. Beautiful and cheap!” joked one envious netizen.

Reportedly, the newlyweds plan to remain in Yangcheng county to start their life together.

The couple’s wedding photos have also given Chinese netizens yet another chance to comment on the beauty of Ukrainian women. Back in 2014, a Hebei man became a viral celebrity in China after photos of his gorgeous Ukrainian bride hit the Chinese internet.

That man has since tried to help other Chinese men replicate his success, opening up a “dating club” to connect attractive Ukrainian women with wealthy Chinese men looking for wives.

[Images via NetEase]


China in bite-sized portions

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China in bite-sized portions.


China in bite-sized portions

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