Chinese tourists shamed for feasting on instant noodles at foot of Venice statue

Afterward, the tourists were also seen washing out their bowls and chopsticks with water from a public drinking fountain

Chinese tourists have made headlines once again in Italy for choosing a particularly poor place for an outdoor picnic.

The group of tourists were filmed having a makeshift feast on the ground in Venice at the foot of a statue of Carlo Goldoni, an 18th-century, Venetian-born playwright famous for authoring some of Italy’s most celebrated and best-loved plays.

Apparently unconcerned by the site’s historic significance, the tourists spread out a blanket on the Campo San Bartolomeo and started getting down to business — taking out tupperware, bowls, chopsticks, and a thermos of boiled water before chowing down on some instant noodles that they had apparently brought from home.

A re-creation of the feast from

To top things off, after they were finished eating, the group cleaned and washed their tupperware and chopsticks by using a public drinking fountain with natural spring water intended for thirsty tourists.

According to one Italian-language media report, a local tried to warn the tourists that what they were doing was uncouth, saying, “Shame on you! You’re under a historical monument, you can’t eat on the street.”

However, due to the language barrier, the tourists simply continued their meal in blissful ignorance.

Italian reports of the incident have now made their way to Chinese social media where netizens have slammed the tourists for once again causing China to “lose face” abroad. Others wondered where the group’s tour guide had run off to while all of this was going on.

Back in 2016, a group of Chinese tourists caused a similar sort of stir in a quiet Italian fishing village in the scenic Cinque Terre region by snatching sea urchins straight from the sea.

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