Driver gets beat up by pedestrians after wreaking havoc at Chengdu intersection

While the driver plowed into a group of onlookers, fortunately, no one was seriously injured

A man has been arrested in Chengdu after going on a reckless vehicular rampage at a busy intersection. Though, in the end, passersby may well have done more damage to him than he did to them.

In a video clip uploaded by one onlooker, an SUV is seen doing circles in the middle of an intersection around a traffic police officer and another man who appears to be a civilian.

For more than a minute, the driver avoids being stopped by police. Finally, the civilian rushes up the vehicle and tries to open the door.

However, this instead causes the driver to slam his foot on the gas pedal, plowing straight through a guard rail and knocking two people off their scooters before ramming into a pair of cars and coming to a stop.

The same civilian then returns to open the driver’s side door. Police soon arrive and help to drag the driver out of the vehicle and subdue him on the ground, where at least civilians proceed to pummel the man with punches and kicks.

Watch below:

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The driver has been identified as a 62-year-old man surnamed Yao from Suining, Sichuan province. At this time, it’s not clear why he was driving so dangerously. He has been charged with endangering public safety.

Three people were injured in the chaos. Fortunately, none of them seriously so.