Enraged man savagely slams ‘bratty kid’ to floor in Sichuan bus, stomps on his head

The man snapped after the kid gave him three light kicks

Footage of one man’s extremely savage response to being pestered by a “bratty kid” stirred up a storm on Chinese social media over the weekend, with a surprising number of netizens writing that the boy got what was coming to him.

The incident occurred on a public bus in the Sichuan city of Suining on Friday. In the surveillance video clip, the boy is seen dawdling around inside the bus as a seated fellow passenger tries to talk to him.

After the man says a few words, the boy responds by giving the man three tentative kicks.

In a flash, the man flies into a sudden and furious rage, picking up the kid and slamming him to the ground before viciously stomping on his head three times.

A fellow passenger quickly intervenes and tries to pick the boy up, but he soon slumps back to the ground. Then, another two passengers step forward to point fingers at the man and alert the bus driver about what happened.

You can watch the footage below, viewer discretion is advised:

Watch on QQ video.

Fortunately, the boy suffered only a swollen face from the attack and no lasting injuries. His parents said that he was taking the bus home from school alone when the incident occurred.

Meanwhile, the man, surnamed Guo, was picked up by police and placed in detention for 15 days. He later apologized to the child and the child’s family, and gave his explanation for what happened.

Guo said that he was dealing with a great deal of work-related stress and was agitated by the boy’s restlessness on the bus. He asked the kid if he wanted to take his seat. Instead, the boy responded unexpectedly by kicking him, a move that caused Guo to snap.

The majority of Weibo users have agreed that though the kid was certainly being a “brat,” he definitely didn’t deserve such an extreme punishment, writing that the man clearly went too far.

Still, more than a few netizens have spoken up in favor of the man, arguing that the kid got what was coming to him.

“I applaud this man for his actions. Maybe now, the kid will think twice before acting like such a brat,” wrote one net user. “The kid’s parents are the ones that are really at fault here,” added another.

“Because the kid’s wounds were only superficial, the beating wasn’t really that extreme, I think it was awesome,” argued yet another Weibo user.

The incident follows a similar — if not nearly as brutal — incident the previous week in which a pregnant woman was caught on camera deliberately tripping a 4-year-old child inside a restaurant after the kid accidentally caused one of the door flaps to hit her in the face as she was eating when he ran in.

Overall, the woman received more negative criticism than did Guo with netizens predicting that she will make for a bad mom.

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