Father of groom gets drunk at wedding banquet, forces bride to kiss him on stage

Afterward, the bride’s family is rumored to have rushed the stage, getting into a fight with the groom’s intoxicated dad



UPDATE (02/27): Family says that groom’s father was just pretending to forcibly kiss the bride

A shocking video has gone ultra-viral on Chinese social media, showing the intoxicated father of a groom forcibly kissing his son’s bride on stage.

The incident took place at a wedding banquet in Yancheng, Jiangsu province. The video shows an older man walking on a runway with his arm around the shoulder of an uncomfortable-looking young woman in a traditional Chinese wedding dress. The man then circles around and suddenly kisses the woman on the mouth, holding on to her body tight as she tries to break free.

Meanwhile, the wedding DJ shouts into the microphone in surprise as some wedding-goers cheer and clap.

Another video clip has also been shared showing the apparent aftermath of that kiss, with the bride’s family members rushing the stage and getting into a fight with the groom’s father, knocking over some decorations.

Watch on QQ video.

It’s rumored that the incident ended with the bride’s family taking the newlywed woman home.

While many thought that this was all simply too scandalous to actually be true, the hotel that hosted the banquet has confirmed the incident did occur.