Girl refuses to accept apology from woman who dropped her lost dog from 6th floor window

She’s planning to take the matter to court

A girl in Chengdu has refused to accept a woman’s apology for actions that led to the untimely death of her lost pet Corgi.

In what has become the biggest story on Chinese social media at the moment, the woman, surnamed He, is being accused of dropping the puppy out of her 6th floor apartment window yesterday after she realized that she wasn’t going to get any ransom money for the dog.

On Friday morning, He met with the late dog’s owner, named Xiao Wu, at a police station in Longquanyi District, tearfully apologizing for what had happened. The apology was recorded and uploaded onto Chinese social media where it has sparked scorn and outrage, with netizens arguing that He was faking her sorrow to try to avoid punishment.

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Later on Friday, Xiao Wu spoke with the Chengdu Business Daily, stating that He had told her that she had not meant for the dog to fall, claiming that she had rigged up a contraption of rope and cloth to safely lower the Corgi. However, the dog came loose and instead plummeted to the ground.

According to Xiao Wu, He wants to settle the matter privately by paying an undisclosed amount of money in damages. However, Xiao Wu has said that she does not accept the woman’s apology, and plans to pursue the matter in the court of law.

Xiao Wu adopted her puppy, named “Ryan” (莱恩), around six months ago. In December, the dog went missing. Xiao Wu searched everywhere for her beloved pet, eventually discovering that it was in the hands of He.

Over the following two weeks, He teased and threatened Xiao Wu, warning that she would kill, skin, and cook the puppy if she was not paid properly. Finally, Xiao Wu arrived at He’s apartment to settle the matter in person, bringing with her journalists and the police.

Eventually, He was made to open her apartment door, however, little Ryan was nowhere to be found. It was only when Xiao Wu left the apartment building that she spotted her lost pet, mortally wounded from a fall.

It would appear that with the police and reporters at her door, He panicked, realizing that her plan to get money from the dog owner had failed, she tried to get the animal out of her 6th floor flat, leading to its tragic death.

[Images via Chengdu Business Daily / The Cover]

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