Guy gets arm stuck in squat toilet while trying to rescue dropped iPhone 8

The man was rescued by firefighters, his phone wasn’t so lucky

A man in Guangxi had one heck of a shitty night on Saturday. First, he dropped his iPhone 8 into a hotel toilet, then the toilet tried to claim his arm as well.

The man surnamed Tan had been drinking with friends at the hotel in Liuzhou city. During a trip to the bathroom, he accidentally fumbled his smartphone into the squat toilet, according to the local

Tan had paid 8,000 yuan for the device, and he wasn’t about to flush it away that easily. Quickly, he got down on the floor and stuck his hand down inside. While he could touch the phone, he couldn’t quite manage to actually pulling it out. Instead, he just kept nudging it deeper and deeper, until finally he was unable to pull his arm out as well.

He spent the next 20 minutes on the bathroom floor until being discovered at last by a janitor who called the fire department. Firefighters arrived quickly and dismantled the toilet, giving Tan back his freedom.

Unfortunately, the same can not be said of his iPhone 8, which was not recovered.

Chinese firefighters would like to warn you, once again, that if you happen to accidentally drop your phone into the toilet, don’t go trying to fish it out. You’re just going to make things worse for yourself.

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