Kindergarten gives kids lesson in anatomy by butchering pig on stage

The school’s owner said he also wanted to bring a little Chinese New Year “atmosphere” to the kindergarten.

Students at a Hebei kindergarten were given a very real lesson in life and death on Friday, watching as their school’s founder cheerfully dissected a pig on stage in front of them.

In footage and images shared by Pear Video of the school event in Badong County, the man in a white jacket and hat is seen cutting up the piggy with help from a few assistants and then showing off its innards to some 600 kids who are carefully watching the dissection take place.

The founder said that his aims for this exercise were twofold. First, to bring a bit of Chinese New Year “atmosphere” to the kindergarten — during the annual holiday, families often slaughter a pig for a feast.

And second, to teach the kids a little something about anatomy, believing that the knowledge would be stored in the children’s brains, laying a foundation for future learning.

In case you need to brush up on your pig butchering/anatomy, you can watch video from the event below:

Watch on QQ video.

While some netizens raised their concerns that the lesson may have been too gory for kindergartners, the school’s principal has said that none of the children found the lesson to be “traumatizing,” adding that parents had been informed about the event beforehand and had not objected, according to the Straits Times.

Indeed, pig butchering is not much of a head-turner in rural China, though it will draw a bit more attention on the Shanghai subway.

Afterward, the porker was cooked and served to parents and children during a school feast, held in the lead-up to the Spring Festival holiday.

[Images via Pear Video]