LOOK: Hot students at Sichuan college put on a ‘Victoria’s Secret Christmas Show’

Students at other Chinese colleges are green with envy

While one Chinese college may have banned Christmas, we know another one that would never miss the chance for a good show.

On Christmas Eve, students at the Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation participated in a special “Victoria’s Secret Christmas Show,” featuring women with wings, shirtless guys, and artificial snow.

One of the male students who took part in the show said that while it may have been a bit cold outside, it wasn’t anything that they couldn’t take. “We are all in excellent shape, so it wasn’t a challenge,” he said.

After looking over all the photos of the sizzling festive fun, some netizens have turned green with envy, lamenting that they had obviously chosen the wrong university.

The Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation has made headlines over the years for having China’s most beautiful campus and its most beautiful student body — only accepting aspiring flight attendants if they are also attractive.

And if it’s not the most beautiful, it’s the best publicized anyway. Every few weeks, the school releases photos of its student body handling onboard security threats:

Put down the cup of noodles!

Lifting weights:

And making like a mermaid:

[Images via NetEase]