LOOK: Shanghai luxury hotel being built in abandoned quarry is really starting to take shape

Bond villains, rejoice!

2 min readMar 20, 2018


A highly-anticipated, ultra-extravagant hotel is finally starting to really take shape inside an abandoned quarry in Shanghai’s southwestern Songjiang district.

The Shimao Wonderland InterContinental Quarry Hotel has been under construction for the last six years or so. Built in a 80-meter deep quarry, the hotel will boast 380 rooms in 19 floors, two of which will be underwater.

Developers have said that they plan to complete the hotel in the first half of this year. A goal which still seems a tad ambitious to us. At the moment, workers are busy installing glass walls and the interior decoration.

After it opens, the hotel expects to welcome 500,000 visitors each year, who will have the chance to enjoy water sports on the lake and rock climb or bungee jump off the surrounding cliffs.

Here’s what they are ultimately going for…

And here’s what they started with.

[Images via ChinaNews]