Male employees line up to be slapped in face by female manager at company meeting

Workers at the real estate company were also made to crawl around in a circle on the floor on all fours

Recently, a video clip has hit the Chinese internet showing six male employees standing in a line and being slapped in the face by their female manager.

The clip comes from a team meeting held by a real estate company in Yichang, Hubei province. Responding to the controversy over the footage, the unnamed company has claimed that the six guys “volunteered” for the punishment after failing to live up to their responsibilities as employees.

The company also claims that the female manager was merely “going through the motions,” though she certainly does seem to be putting quite a bit of power into those slaps. Once she finishes, applause rings out from other employees in the room watching the punishment.

A clip from the same meeting also shows more than a dozen workers being forced to crawl around in a circle on the floor on all fours while chanting.

Watch below:

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Unfortunately for Chinese workers, being slapped is sometimes just one of those things that they have to put up with to keep their jobs. Back in December, a cosmetics company in Nanchang attempted to build team “spirit” and “cohesion” by having women kneel in pairs on stage and smack each other in the face while other employees and managers looked on.

Indeed, there seems to be no limit to what some Chinese companies will force workers to do in the name of “company spirit” and meeting sales targets. In 2016, some bank employees in Shanxi province were spanked on stage at a sadistic training seminar for failing to exceed expectations. Other workers have been forced to eat live mealworms and choke down bitter gourd as punishment for sub-par results.

However, it’s not only small, rural Chinese companies that subject employees to this kind of torture and ridicule. At a company event in January of last year, female workers at tech giant Tencent were made to give their male colleagues simulated blowjobs on stage.