Man reports his car as stolen, police discover that it was just the wind

When the man left his car to go shopping, he was sure to lock the doors, but didn’t take the same care in setting the parking brake

Last Friday morning, a Qingdao man went shopping at a local store only to reemerge 30 minutes later to find that his car had disappeared without a trace.

Quickly, the man, surnamed Huang, called the cops, saying that he was sure that he had locked his car and that he was also sure that he had left 5,000 yuan in cash inside.

In investigating the vehicle’s disappearance, local police checked surveillance footage from outside the store and discovered the identity of the car’s thief — the wind.

It turns out that Huang had neglected to use the parking brake, resulting in his car being blown 50 meters by the wind to a corner of the parking lot, somehow avoiding any damage along the way.

Watch on QQ video.

It certainly was quite windy in Shandong province last Friday. Over in the city of Binzhou, a 6-ton statue of Qin Shi Huang, China’s mighty first emperor was toppled over by strong gusts of wind, with the legendary ruler landing straight on his face, which was flattened like a pancake.

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