Nanjing woman surprised to find her iPhone X can be unlocked by her friend’s face

Wait, is the iPhone X racist?

Apple’s iPhone X famously uses sophisticated facial recognition software so that no one can unlock your phone but you… and possibly your coworker.

A woman surnamed Yan from Nanjing recently discovered that no matter how she configured the settings on her newly-bought iPhone X, her sorta similar-looking coworker could unlock the phone with her own face, without any problem.

Yan said that she tried calling Apple’s hotline for help, but was told that what she described was impossible, prompting the pair to head down to their nearest Apple Store for a demonstration.

After witnessing this bug with their very own eyes, the store’s staff explained that there must be something wrong with her phone’s camera and allowed her to return it.

However, Yan bought a new iPhone X the very next day and, once again, her coworker was able to unlock it, no sweat. Apple Store staff have said that Yan can bring the second phone in as well for a full refund if she’s unhappy with it.

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Apple has claimed that its iPhone X facial recognition software is nearly foolproof, with only a one in a million shot of someone else’s face being able to unlock your phone. Looks like Yan now has proof that she’s one in a million.

Prior to the phone’s release in China, some began to worry about other potential flaws in its facial recognition system. On Taobao, vendors began to sell “specialized” headgear to prevent your suspicious significant other from unlocking your iPhone X while you are asleep.

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