Raunchy exec has sex during meeting break, unaware that video conference call was still rolling?

The alleged encounter has turned China’s Southern Power Grid into an extremely naughty word on Weibo

[UPDATE: 03/15: This viral story is apparently “fake news.” Sorry to disappoint.]

In a rather salacious story that has been duly scrubbed from the Chinese internet, a manager at China’s Southern Power Grid is rumored to have had sex with a female colleague in a company boardroom, unaware that video equipment from an earlier conference call was still rolling.

Based on WeChat conversation screencaps, it has been rumored that, one morning, the state-owned energy giant held a video conference call, which was attended virtually by employees from five different provinces.

After that meeting was adjourned for a break, one manager allegedly decided to make use of the now empty conference room at the company’s Guangzhou headquarters to have a little alone time with one of his female subordinates, not knowing that their opportunistic hanky panky session was in fact being live-cast to other offices across the country.

The alleged video first leaked onto Weibo on Saturday before making the rounds on WeChat. Since then, it has been scrubbed from social media by Chinese censors.

Meanwhile, “Southern Power Grid” (南方电网) and the phrase “Use Love to Make Power” (用爱发电) have become two of the most blocked terms on Weibo, surpassing even “constitutional change” and “Xi Jinping,” and only recently being overtaken by an eye-rolling journalist, according to Free Weibo.

The manager who has been fingered on social media as the star of the video has said that he is being deliberately framed, vowing to file slander lawsuits against those who continue to spread malicious rumors about him.

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