Shanghaiist’s top 10 most embarrassing Chinese tourists of 2017

Some people don’t travel well
Dec 28, 2017 · 3 min read

10) It was a Chinese student who destroyed $200,000 worth of art while taking selfies at LA exhibit

When asked afterward if he would have organized his exhibit differently had he known what would happen, the artist gave the following response: “If you try to design something that’s idiot-proof, the universe will design a better idiot.”

9) Hundreds of tourists wreak havoc on beautiful azalea trees in bloom in Sichuan countryside

Some even broke off branches for use in a barbeque.

8) Greedy Shanghai Disneyland visitors snatch up almost all of Donald Duck’s fake candy

“It doesn’t matter if it’s fake. If they were offering free feces, then there would still be some who would want a bite,” commented one Weibo user.

7) Flight crew warns passengers not to touch emergency door, woman does it anyway, deploys slide

One passenger on a plane preparing to take off from the Beijing airport let her curiosity get the better of her, causing the plane’s evacuation slide to deploy right after she was explicitly warned against doing so by a flight attendant.

6) Tourists spotted plucking feathers off peacocks at Badaling Wildlife Park

Chinese netizens urged them to try plucking the fur off tigers instead.

5) Man steals life jacket from plane, claims he thought he could use it for his next flight

When questioned about why he had swiped the life jacket, the man said that he thought it was free to take if he hadn’t used it. He added that he thought it might come in handy since he had another flight to catch that day.

4) Asshole tourists chase endangered Tibetan antelopes for photos, fined 105,000 yuan

A group of misbehaving Chinese tourists were fined back in October after being spotted chasing down a herd of Tibetan antelope at a nature reserve in Tibet, trying to take some sweet pictures.

3) Elephant kills tour guide in Thailand after Chinese tourists yank its tail

According to initial reports, a tour group from Chongqing surrounded the elephant to take photos and even yanked on its tail, causing the animal to go berserk and charge at the tourists.

2) Chinese tourists give ‘Heil Hitler’ salutes for photos outside German parliament house, get arrested

Two Chinese men on holiday in Berlin found out the hard way that Hitler salutes are no laughing matter in Germany.

1) Elderly woman throws coins in plane’s engine to ‘pray for safe flight’ out of Shanghai airport

Somehow, she wasn’t the only one to think this is a good idea.

We leave you with this from last year…


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