Suicidal man takes drunken nap on narrow ledge 29 floors above the ground

Incredibly, dozing off may well have saved this guy’s life

Last Thursday afternoon, police in Xi’an received a call about a suicidal man on the roof of a 29-story residential high-rise. When they arrived, they found a guy taking an extremely precarious nap on a narrow ledge.

As you can see from the photos, just a tiny bit of movement in his sleep could have caused the man to tumble off the building to his death, more than 100 meters below.

Fortunately, however, the man slept quite soundly, allowing rescuers to approach him from two different angles and safely pull him off the roof.

According to local media reports, the man had some issues in his life which caused a mental breakdown. After chugging down some bottles of beer, he made his way to the roof, intending to jump off.

Fortunately, he instead dozed off, a move that may well have ended up saving his life.

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